Happy New Year!

We can help you keep 100% of them. This year as you make commitments to your health, count on our pharmacy to help you keep them.  We provide more than the products you need for good health. We also provide information and advice after taking the time to personally understand your health care needs and goals.  It’s no wonder so many health conscious people depend on our pharmacy from day one.  

Look below for a couple of questions to ask yourself when setting your New Year’s goals.

How can I pick resolutions that will improve my health?

Ask yourself the following questions to get started on thinking about your health-focused resolution:

  • Drink more water?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Avoid unhealthy food? Avoid all fast food? Fried foods? Red meat?
  • Eat fish twice a week? Eat more fiber, beans, whole grains?
  • Take vitamins each day?
  • Go to the gym? How often? Maybe start off going once a week, but increase by one day each month for the next few months.

Are your goals realistic?

Start small. People often don’t realize just how much they are expecting of themselves. Avoid overestimating your abilities so you do not have to undergo the consequences when you cannot meet those expectations.  Be realistic with your goals in order to be successful.